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May 11th, 2021: updated rankings on the Mobile Legends tier danh sách.

Smartphone Legends: Bang Bang is an amazing MOBA for mobile, which can compare with some of the bigger names out there, lượt thích League of Legends: Wild Rift. Similarly, sản phẩm điện thoại Legend"s got tons of champions, each possessing a chất lượng skill phối khổng lồ take on the battlefield. There are Marksmen, Supports, Tanks, Mages, and a couple of other classes that you can choose to play, depending on what your team needs.

Since it"s a MOBA, I assume you already know the basics: siege enemy towers in order khổng lồ take them down one by one, gain territory on your opponent, và try khổng lồ break into lớn their base và defeat their Crystal (the base). Most often you won"t be able to lớn do it on your own and will have lớn rely on your team lớn win the game. After all, it is a team game!

How did we structure our điện thoại Legends tier list?

This Smartphone Legends tier các mục is divided by classes, so choose the heroes according to lớn the role you want to play. Additionally, keep in mind that every team should have sầu at least an engage (which is usually a tank), support (which is often a healer), và damage dealers (which should be both magic damage và physical damage).

If a team fulfills all of these roles, they will have a higher chance lớn win the games. The reasoning behind the diversification is due lớn a number of reasons. First, if a team builds only tanks/supports they will have sầu no damage lớn siege và take down the enemies. Secondly, if a team builds only damage dealers, chances are they will die quite fast và won"t be able to lớn accomplish much either, despite having the damage. So, the best you could vì chưng is have sầu a little bit of everything!

Therefore, it"s time to lớn kiểm tra out the Mobile Legends tier các mục và pichồng one of the best heroes for the role you"ve decided to play!

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Below is the tier danh mục for all the best Tanks in sản phẩm điện thoại Legends: Bang Bang. Tanks" role is to mitigate most of the damage dealt to lớn their team, so they will have to lớn build tanky items, with a lot of Armor, Health, và Magic Resistance

S+ Tier Tanks

- Barats

- Khufra

S Tier Tanks

- Atlas

- Baxia

- Gatotkaca

- Hylos

- Uranus

A Tier Tanks

- Franco

- Lolita

- Akai

- Tigreal

- Jhonson

B Tier Tanks

C Tier Tanks

- Belerick

D Tier Tanks

- Minotaur

- Grock


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Fighters are units that bởi vì inflict quite a bit of damage but have sầu the ability to lớn stay alive in fights for longer than Assassins or Mages. So, they are not as squishy and could be quite dangerous when faced in 1v1 situations. Here is the tier danh mục of all the best Fighters in di động Legends: Bang Bang:

S+ Tier Fighters

- Chou

- Paquito

- Phoveus

- Silvanna

- Yu-Zhong

S Tier Fighters

- Guinievere

- Hilda

- Khaleed

- Ruby

- Jawhead

- Badang

- Aldous

A Tier Fighters

- Zilong

- Roger

- Lapu-Lapu

- Masha

- Freya

- Bane

B Tier Fighters

- Alucard

- X-borg

- Leomord

- Thamuz

- Argus

- Sun

C Tier Fighters

- Minsithar

- Terizla

- Balmond

D Tier Fighters

- Dyrroth

- Martis

- Alpha


When you want to lớn pick one of the best Marksmen in-game, you know that you need khổng lồ get your hands on Yi-Sun-Shin before anyone else does. Alongside Yi, you have a couple of other super strong Marksmen you can choose from. Below is the Smartphone Legends: Bang Bang tier danh sách of the Marksmen:

S+ Tier Marksmen

- Brody

- WanWan

- Beatrix

S Tier Marksmen

- Claude

- Yi-Sun-Shin

- Hanabi

- Bruno

A Tier Marksmen

- Karrie

- Miya

- Kimmy

- Irithel

- Clint

B Tier Marksmen

- Popol và Kupa

- Layla

C Tier Marksmen

- Granger

- Moskov

D Tier Marksmen

- Lesley


Mages are powerful units that inflict a lot of magic damage và crowd control. They can burst down an enemy in just a couple of moves (if they"re ahead) và are of great importance khổng lồ any team. Below are the best Mages in Smartphone Legends: Bang Bang:

S+ Tier Mages

- Esmeralda

- Chang’e

- Yve

S Tier Mages

- Vale

- Zhask

- Lylia

- Luo-Yi

- Cecilion

- Pharsa

- Valir

- Kagura

A Tier Mages

- Cyclops

- Eudora

- Alice

- Harley

B Tier Mages

- Harith

- Kadita

- Lunox

- Zask

C Tier Mages

- Aurora

- Lylia

D Tier Mages

- Vexana

- Nana

- Gord

- Odette


If you want to surprise your enemies with svào burst damage, then you want khổng lồ piông xã an Assassin. Here are the best Assassins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang:

S+ Tier Assassins

- Helcurt

- Natalia

- Benedetta

S Tier Assassins

- Lancelot

- Mathilda

A Tier Assassins

- Hayabusa

- Fanny

- Selena

B Tier Assassins

- Gusion

- Saber

C Tier Assassins

- Fanny

- Ling

- Karina

D Tier Assassins

- Hanzo

Supports play a very important role in the game. They help keep the entire team alive sầu in team fights & increase the odds of winning any battle. They can have sầu shields, temporary buffs, and more specifically heals. Here are the best Supports in sản phẩm điện thoại Legends: Bang Bang:

S+ Tier Supports

- Mathilda

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